Volunteers Packing Food

we believe in building communities

Through integration of community programs, we are building a network of talented and passionate individuals who work to benefit each other personally, professionally, and financially. We work hard to build a network with integrity, drive and vision.

what is a synrgy member?

​An eligible member is anyone who is interested in joining their organization, networking their resources with other organizations to create a win-win scenario. A Synrgy Member will be linked with organizations to bring further business exposure, benefit from services (i.e charitable contributions/services/end of year. deductions and credits), and staffing efforts opportunities.

What type of membership should I apply for?

  • Business: I want to be a part of that community partnership to reap the benefits and increase my profits, establish a community presence, and grow my enterprise.

  • Community: I want to grow our network of volunteers, presence, and network with compatible organizations. Open the opportunities for organizations and individuals to support and promote our cause. Grown our organization from the charitable contributions and support groups.

  • Individual: I want the exposure of doing good in my community. Volunteering to help those who need it the most. I will be able to also expose myself with those in the network and continue to expand my opportunities.

what if I want more information?

For more information on becoming a member or joining our community program please reach out to 619-732-1455 or email us at SynergySolutions.SD@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!